Hello. I’m Molly. I’m 19. I’m from Limerick. I am currently in my first year of college studying International Commerce with French at NUI Galway in Ireland. I started this blog way back in fifth year purely because I love to write and I enjoy the odd garment or two of clothing. 

When I say I love fashion – despite the cringe I really do mean it and nothing excites me more than picking an outfit to go somewhere or of course the months of February and September where I usually find my favourite looks from fashion month and give my opinions on them. I really do think clothes are such a crucial part of our normal everyday lives that it really is no harm having a bit of a discussion about them,

My style is constantly evolving and I love discovering new trends and new ways to style different pieces. Most of all I absolutely adore talking about anything fashion and documenting anything of interest to me related to fashion. I believe fashion is a whole subject in itself. Clothes have the power to make someone feel amazing. Clothes have the ability to instil confidence and power into people and that to me is enough to want to make this blog. 

I hope you like what content that I have already here from almost two years ago to the present day and I also hope you will enjoy what content there is to come. And of course thank you for clicking on my blog.

Molly x