Alexander McQueen

Oh my oh my.

Alexander McQueen recently released their Resort Collection 2018, it’s all ready to wear and it is just sheer divinity.

I think this is possibly one of my favourite collections ever and I do realise I say this everytime I post but honestly I do ADORE this one.

Firstly, we just have to talk about the coats, the trenches, the blazers, everything outerwear.







A good collection to me is always one where you can see yourself wearing the clothes and this just nails it. I can picture myself galavanting around the place absolutely loving my life in ALL of these coats. Most people at this stage know, outerwear for me is everything. It can change a whole look. I have so many jackets, coats because they will always be needed! I wear one everywhere I go, summer, winter, to the cinema or on a night out! I just love them. This collection just sums up everything I love about them, I honestly can’t express how much I ADORE these especially the tweed look ones. Oh my!!

The jumpers are so gorgeous. I think most people adore a good jumper this time of year and these absolutely amazing. I adore the detailing on the red one! I usually am not one for cut out sleeves but I really like it here.



And lastly the dresses, they really hit the nail on the head with boho chic and I’m loving it!

IMG_0390 2

IMG_0391 2

IMG_0392 2

I love the innocent boho vibes and I just think the brown denim piece is pure cool.

I got all these looks from the Vogue Runway app and if you are anyway into fashion, it’s honestly the best app ever!

Peace out loves,

Molly x

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