Hi guys, sorry it’s been so long! I’ve been so busy with work and getting back to school that I’m only getting my routine back now. I hope to get at least one blog up a week from now on. Hope you guys enjoy this post!

I am, no doubt, a fan of instagram. I adore taking photos and I love sharing them.

Lately, something has changed with me. I found myself strolling through instagram mindlessly for no reason whatsoever. Often refreshing it over and over again. I didn’t even realise I was doing it. It’s so unhealthy to be constantly looking at these “perfect” people, for me anyway.

I decided to try and go on it less lately and it’s actually worked. I still go on the app but only every few days and only for a little while. It’s definitely made me realise how much time I was wasting on it.

The reason for this post is I’ve decided to stop promoting my blog on my instagram and there are a few reasons for this. The main one is I started this blog as a way to express myself and to get a break from everyday life. By promoting it on my instagram, I’m completely going against why I started it. Of course I want people to know about my blog and of course I want people to read it. I just don’t want to have the added pressure of seeing how many people clicked on my blog or how many likes I got on a photo promoting my blog. Now I’m not saying I’ll never do it again because I know I will. But for now I just want to build my blog and write about whatever I want to write about without the added pressure of people judging it. I want to concentrate on good content and I feel once I do that then maybe I’ll go back to promoting it on my instagram. As for now, I’m happy with wordpress and building up for followers and discovering new blogs on this platform.

Molly x



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