spain – my experience!

Well, I’m sitting here typing this on the plane home after one of the best months of my life. I don’t even know where to start, the memories I’ve made in the last four weeks will stick with me forever!

Right now, I’m exhausted, burnt out from lack of sleep and crying. 



It all started a bit rocky, I was so unsure of the camp, it’s location and the people I was with. I didn’t know if what I was doing was right for me or would I even fit in. I cried, I felt homesick but I tried my best to show a happy face. Meeting so many Spanish was amazing as well. Talking about their lives and what people our age do in another country was fascinating. I learnt so much from seeing another culture. Eating different food and trying new things. 



One thing about the camp and interway is you really have to have no shame. And that’s something I have always struggled with, I can get really embarrassed and awkward. But now looking back, I really have overcome it. It’s amazing what four weeks can do to someone. My confidence has hit an all time high. Low self esteem is such a common thing with so many people especially teenagers. After the month I have so much more belief in myself. I can’t explain how the experience does it but it does. I guess you have to try all these activities and you have to get up in front of people. You just naturally become more confident. 



The memories and laughs I’ve had in the last month will always stay in my mind. I did so many things in the space of a month, it would blow anyone’s bucket list out of the water. One thing that really stood out this month was stargazing and watching shooting stars on a rock halfway up a mountain in the middle of the night. It’s moments like that, that I just felt so blessed and lucky to have had the opportunity to go to Spain.



Of course none of these memories would have been memories if it wasn’t for the group of Irish I was lucky enough to get stuck with for a month. They are one of the most amazing groups of people I’ve ever come across. Each and every one of them added to the camp and to the experience. I learned so much from every one of them. I adore every one of them and I’m so grateful I got to know them. 



It’s so difficult to put into words how fantastic this experience was. I think it shows by how much I cried leaving and saying goodbye (or not saying it haha). It broke my heart leaving that camp not because I was leaving the place but because I was leaving a place where I made the best memories, amazing friendships and a place where I really came out of my shell. I feel I’m going home a little bit different than how I left it. It makes me so sad being on my own right now. I haven’t had five minutes to myself in the last month and now it’s all over. 




If you ever get the opportunity to travel and do something like this, please 100% take it. I feel so blessed and grateful I had this opportunity. I will never forget it. 




Now it’s time to go home, see the amazing people I call bestfriends and catch up on all that sleep I haven’t had x

Molly x


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  1. selviafei says:

    That was great 😄

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