Bondi Sands Review!

Bondi Sands is an Australian tan that I started using about three months ago. I first saw it when Shani Grimmond, the youtuber recommended it. But that was a long time ago and it wasn’t available in Ireland back then. In March, I was in Boots in Belfast and saw it for sale. I was so chuffed with myself that I had found it and I bought it straight away. Before this I was a devoted user of Cocoa Brown which I still absolutely love!

I could not wait to try this tan, it had such great reviews. Mine is no different. I love this tan. The smell is so nice, it’s a lovely coconut smell and you don’t have an overly strong smell of tan. It’s a mouse and it’s really easy to apply, it blends well.

I use the self tanning foam in light/medium.  I’ve had the bottle since the middle of March and I use it quite regularly. Definitely once every two weeks, often once a week. And there is still a good bit left in the bottle! I usually leave it on overnight and sometimes I apply a second layer, depending on how dark I want to be.

Usually if I concentrate when I do my tan, it’s normally really even and not streaky. I love the colour of this tan. It’s quite natural and it looks like you’ve a healthy glow from being in the sun!

All in all, I think Bondi Sands is worth the €22 you pay for it. It’s one of the best tans I’ve used and I’ll definitely be buying again!


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